Holy and Righteous Pursuits

If, in our pursuit of righteousness, we separate ourselves from the lost or prevent another from seeing the Father through the Free Gift of Jesus’ love, then we have lost our holiness and thereby our purpose (Mt 18:6, Mark 16:15). Holiness is the attribute that allows the lost to access Christ (Luke 1:75-77). Righteousness is the attribute that allows believers to access Christ (Rom 4:3-8). Holiness attracts the lost (1 Thes 3:12-13). Righteousness attracts God (Mt 6:1). Holiness gives us the grace to bring souls to God (Rom 1:4). Righteousness gives us the grace to have influence with God (Gen 7:1, John 16:10). It is important that in our pursuit of righteousness we do not also decrease the lost’s ability to access God (Mark 9:42). We cannot be in obedience to Jesus if we are not bringing him the lost so they may be saved.