No Fear in Love

John 6:16-18 WEB

When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, [17] and they entered into the boat, and were going over the sea to Capernaum. It was now dark, and Jesus had not come to them. [18] The sea was tossed by a great wind blowing.

The disciples have been waiting for Jesus to return and it is now evening so they go to the sea. There they wait, but still, Jesus does not come. They decide to head for their home base in Capernaum and strikeout to cross the sea. On their way, a storm blows in making the sea dangerous. It’s then Jesus comes. He tells them not to be afraid and they let him on the boat.

This passage strikes me as symbolic as much as it is rational. I can imagine the evening and the dark reflecting spiritual conditions. Also, the sea always makes me think of the deep places with God. So, I look at this passage and I see symbolically that when things look dark, we must stand and wait for the Lord. Otherwise, the invitation into the deep places will not happen peacefully.

The disciples did not have peace. They made a critical error. They decided to move from the place where they were told to wait for the Lord. Perhaps there was a storm coming or perhaps they were tired of waiting. Either way, they end up where they are not supposed to be and nearly die for their disobedience.

During the storm, the disciples see Jesus walking on the water. He walks towards the boat and tells them not to be afraid. With this small comfort, the disciples let him on the boat. Even though the disciples put themselves in a dangerous position, the Lord does not abandon the disciples. He does not want them to be afraid of the storm or of him.

Lord Jesus, please help me clearly see the ways in which I am disobedient. Let me receive your gift of grace and turn from places of error. I trust you to protect me even when I make mistakes. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.


John 1:17 WEB

For the law was given through Moses. Grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

The law was given through Moses because the people rejected God’s Voice (Exo 20:19). After God delivered Israel from Egypt, he prepared them to meet with him (Exo 19:10-12). But when the time came, the Israelites were scared and told Moses they did not want to meet God. More, the people told Moses they would rather he talked to God and tell them what God said. So God gave Moses the law, but only after the people rejected him (Ex 20:18-19).

There is a similar phenomenon happening today. Because Christ overcame death he opened the door for the Holy Spirit to manifest in the hearts of every person who calls on the Lord (Rom 5:5). Once again, people can hear from God (Acts 4:21). However, instead of teaching believers to go directly to God, leaders are teaching people to go directly to the Bible (Mt 12:31).

In their zeal to educate people in the ways of God, ministers are teaching people to worship the Bible instead of God himself (John 5:39). Do you know why people do that? It’s the exact same reason the Israelites did it when they decided they preferred the law to God’s voice, fear (Exo 20:18-20). I think the people of God, in their desperation not to fail God, have decided they prefer the letter of the law to obedience to his voice (Rom 2:29).

Please do not misunderstand me, the Bible is an absolutely brilliant book in every way. Divinely inspired, it’s the story of God’s Journey with mankind. It’s God’s Story Still, it’s better to talk to God directly through prayer and then read the Bible (Jam 2:23). And if in a given moment you can only do one or the other, choose God (Jam 4:5).

Lord Jesus, please teach me to respect your word and to love You. Teach me to recognize the sound of your voice. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.