Jesus Shows us How

John 8:21-23 WEB

Jesus said therefore again to them, “I am going away, and you will seek me, and you will die in your sins. Where I go, you can’t come.” [22] The Jews therefore said, “Will he kill himself, that he says, ‘Where I am going, you can’t come’?” [23] He said to them, “You are from beneath. I am from above. You are of this world. I am not of this world.

How did Jesus know these Jews were going to die in their sins? The answer is right in the text, he recognized they were of the world. They were visibly in kinship with the world. Jesus looked at their choices and conversation and judged who was their true father. Because they are so closely tied to the world, Jesus does not believe they will repent.

I love watching Jesus. He teaches me how to live and think. Okay, if I see people lying, cheating, or gossiping I can understand they are of the world. God does not lie and does not tempt people to lie (John 8:44). Nor does he cheat (Pro 11:1, 16:11). And gossiping is akin to murder (2 Tim 3:2-5). These types of ungodly behaviors are visible to those who are watching. That gives me insight into how to make righteous judgments. If it appears ungodly, it is ungodly. That cuts through all the confusion.

In the modern era, we have made it socially unacceptable to judge others. However, we who believe and read the Bible understand we are meant to make godly judgments. In the text we see the process of Jesus making a righteous judgment. We are meant to be wise in choosing our friends and associates. This passage teaches us how. Look for visible worldliness. If you find it, you are dealing with someone ruled by sin (Rom 6:14).

Lord Jesus, please teach me to watch and pray. Help me discern worldliness so that I can make righteous judgments. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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